About Us

Pretty Green About Us

Pretty Green Owner, Truc Tang

Our Vision

Pretty Green grew out of a strong belief in the power of our collective actions. With the growing movement towards more sustainable living, we believe that we can all make an impact together on improving our environment. Helping the environment on the individual level can involve small steps. Doing one thing everyday helps (such as remembering to bring reusable bags) and continually trying new things helps even more. It all adds up.

Here is what drives us at Pretty Green:

High quality product- We want to bring the best products to the market that help to enable consumers to live more environmentally sustainable lives with confidence. We strive to promote the concept that being "green" does not come at the compromise of quality, style or functionality.

Personalized Service- We're redefining "personalized service" - if you live in our neighborhood, we will drop it off at your house. Otherwise, you'll find that we offer fast service, fast responses to your questions and always a personalized thank you.

Commitment to the ecology - We're committed to supporting the work of organizations that directly work on improving the environment.